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Search Engine Spam

Posted on June 3, 2021 by Simon Maury

Running an online business relies to a greater or lesser extent on search engine traffic. Be this free search engine traffic or pay per click traffic your business still relies on the search engines to profit and survive.

There is a problem. Actually let me rephrase that and say there has always been an issue. Abusers. Some people must take shortcuts to gain. No matter how simple it may be to actually do some work and then gain from this work they just can not accept this as a business model. They need the simple, quick, fastbuck way. The model where they do not need to think or study. Just push a button and hey presto instant business.

Who are these people? Search engine spammers. You have never heard of it known as search engine spam but you have seen it time and time again. You do a Google search for something and you find a page filled with links to casino and vacation websites. Or the website redirects you immediately to some other website to buy something. Or even worse the whole site it composed of bits and pieces of text from other sites all muddled together on a webpage.

Do you like reaching these sites? I didn't think so. Why do those websites exist? For the benefit of the owner. The individuals who design these sites call themselves entrepreneurs and online business people. I hate to burst their bubble but they are spammers.

You do not agree? OK well are the folks who send out junk email spammers? By definition they are since they send useless info to us day in and day out in the expectation of earning a sale.

Search engine crawlers are doing exactly the same thing except they are far worse. They are polluting entire search engines using their auto-generated pages of crap. Really finding useful information online today is becoming harder because these guys are so desperate to make a buck they do not mind ruining the internet experience of millions of internet surfers.

So if you're running a web business or intend beginning one then do the whole search engine world and Internet users in general a favor. Don't use these automated content generators. Be creative. Have an original idea. Have an opinion. Write about it with fire. Put it online. Profit will come.