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Reasons You May Not Be Listed With the Search Engines

Posted on June 22, 2023 by Simon Maury

After you have compiled your site and hosted it, most of your concern is that it ought to be visited by, increasing numbers of people. Because of this, you try various tactics to market your site. A proven way of promoting your site would be to submit it with various se's.

At times, you have submitted your site to the internet search engine, but you discover that you aren't indexed or quite simply, your site isn't appearing in the searches. There may be many reasons for this. Let's look at a few of these reasons:

  • Allocate adequate time - After submission, indexing an internet site is a frustrating process. Some individuals in hurry to be indexed, ignore this time around period and begin expecting their site to surface in the serp's, much prior to the time lapses. Actually, this index time ranges in one to eight weeks based on the internet search engine. Some sites such as for example AltaVista also charge extra if you need to get your website indexed faster.
  • Use Paid Domains - In case you have hosted your website on a free of charge domain, you might run into problems in indexing your website. It is because nowadays the various search engines either don't index free sites or index just a limited amount of free sites. Therefore, it is usually easier to host your site on a paid domain with a paid service.
  • Select creditable hosting service: It is crucial to host your site with an excellent hosting service. The reason being if at any stage the internet search engine visits your site and finds that it's not functioning in that case your website will undoubtedly be simply taken off their database. Therefore, ensure that your hosting service is really a creditable one, which will keep your website ready to go usually.
  • Frame-based site - Having a frame-based website may also be a roadblock. In a frame-based site, you can find different pages in exactly the same page. Consequently, it could happen your text page is indexed however, not the menu page. To resolve this problem, you need to ideally have a non-frame based website. Or even then you can certainly try optimizing your frame-based website for an improved result.
  • Low Ranking in Searches - It really is quite possible that you will be indexed on search engines but you have no idea of it. This may be because your website is getting an extremely low ranking in the serp's. A lot of people expect that their site ahead up in the initial few listings. Because of this, if their site will not do so they don't bother to check further and assume that their site isn't indexed. Matters aren't helped by the truth that most se's don't let you know after indexing your site.
  • To get yourself a good ranking in the serp's it is necessary that you should optimise your site based on the internet search engine guidelines.

  • In-complete Website - Before submitting your site make sure that your site is complete and you can find no missing pages. Otherwise, your site might not get indexed.
  • Avoid complicated pages - Sometimes in order to employ a dynamic website web designers use complicated scripts such as for example JavaScript and VB scripts etc. However, the various search engines don't always handle these dynamic pages well. Consequently, your website could suffer and obtain a minimal ranking browsing engine results. Therefore, you should limit the usage of such scripts on your own site.
  • Link pages from your home page - Some se's follow the policy they don't show pages which cant be accessed from the house page. In order to avoid this type of a problem you can test to limit such pages or submit them separately.
  • Limit page size: Be mindful that your internet pages don't become so heavy they take a very long time to load. When this happens, the internet search engine spider will never be in a position to fully index your articles. Generally, it is suggested to keep your online pages around 50 k sufficient reason for images etc. around 70 k. This criterion has been set particularly because of the users still utilizing the dial-up connection.
  • Link your website externally - Another guideline which some se's such as for example Google follow is they don't index sites which don't possess external links with other sites. Sometimes, they even allocate you a period amount of around 1 month to obtain the external links. If you're not successful in that case your site gets pruned.
  • Maintain quality: Ensure that you keep an excellent control over your site. That is particularly important where you're submitting your site to directory site like Yahoo, Open Directory, Looksmart etc. It is because, at these sites, they will have personnel who carefully analyze the submissions, and omit any, which don't have an excellent quality.
  • Search Engine spider blocks - If your site requires forms, passwords or registration for access then your internet search engine spiders will never be in a position to index it. That is also the case with sites having a searchable database. In that scenario, you can test to submit those webpages on your own site which are simple and do not have these complications.
  • Sharing IP - Nowadays another problem that you could face is that sometimes the web site hosting services supply the same IP to multiple websites. Because of this, if anybody of the websites, utilizing the same IP is involved with any illegal dispute then your internet search engine de-bars the IP itself making all of the associated sites suffer. Therefore, ensure that you have an unbiased IP and so are not sharing it with anyone.
  • Submitting within limit: Some se's have limits for accepting submissions, for a specific domain, each day. Therefore, before submitting be sure you're within limit prescribed for the domain or your submission will go waste.
  • Limit non-indexable content: It is necessary that you submit only the type of content that the various search engines can index. For instance, se's cannot index embedded text, content in media files, Java applets or in XML coding.
  • Submit link pages separately: Se's don't take the difficulty to totally index your site. They'll simply index, a couple of links beyond the page you have submitted. Therefore, if you would like some particular pages to be indexed you should submit them separately.
  • Avoid using spam - It is vital to develop your site with full sincerity. Spam, is quite seriously looked down upon by the various search engines. Ensure that your website is spam free and you also avoid any tactic, which may be considered spam such as for example, excessive repetition of keywords etc.
  • Avoid redirecting: If your site is redirecting the viewer to some other site then sometimes this may hamper your indexing process. The reason being se's are cautious with being tricked by "cloaking" or IP redirection technology. Should they find out that may be the case then you can certainly make sure that they'll not index your website.
  • Allow for fluctuations in index time: You won't believe it but there were cases once the se's, after indexing sites for quite a while suddenly stop doing this for months at a time for no particular reason. They do restart the procedure over time however the wait will get quite frustrating for the net developers.
  • Technical errors: Besides each one of these, additionally, there are some technical reasons due to which websites do not get indexed. These can include technical bugs and errors that arise from the sheer magnitude of the submissions and re-submissions that folks make.
  • Submit limited pages: Most se's have some sort of limits for the amount of pages that they can index for every site. The number varies from engine to engine. However, if your site is quite popular then your se's stretch this limit for you personally.
  • Keep each one of these guidelines at heart when you are submitting your site to any internet search engine and allocate ample time for the indexation process.