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Google: The Clever Fox Secret Guide

Posted on September 19, 2022 by Simon Maury

Search Engines all over the world are receiving smarter daily. Everyday they spend hours to refine their serp's. These se's are following techniques familiar to various known species of our world.

Google works such as a "Clever Fox", and several of you'll trust me. It has adopted several unperceivable techniques, and algorithms which are problematic for one to interpret completely.

Several seo companies will work day, and night merely to understand Google better.

Some of the techniques which new site owners can use to acquire top rankings are:

  • Purchase a Domain Name that is old, or was registered 6-12 months back.
  • Use keywords in your domain name, but usually do not exceed them. A perfect seo domain name could be the one that is short, and precise.
  • Never ever make an effort to over smart Google, as the trick that is working today will certainly get outdated tomorrow. After the trick is detected by Google your domain will get life imprisonment.
  • If your website is caught in Sandbox, then remove each and every instance of on-page optimization spamming. This can not merely ensure an increased ranking, but additionally a safe haven for the domain.
  • Keep updating your website regularly with fresh content, and materials.
  • Keep making slight changes on your own pages after each week.
  • Try to avoid link exchange, since it is really a risky technique, and will get your website in big trouble.
  • Don't make websites merely to fool se's.
  • Make websites that have proper Business logic, and motive defined behind it.
  • Do browse the latest webmaster guidelines on Google.com.
  • Keep close track of your ratings.
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